Sarah’s Crystal Light Healing Bed Session

Sarah’s Crystal Light Healing Bed Session

Sarah is a client who came to me sometime last year, ecstatic she found a John of God Crystal Bed as she was interested in crystal light healing. She scheduled her first session with me and was bubbling with excitement because she was able to find the exclusive John of God Crystal Bed here in Houston. A few years back, she experienced the bed for the first time in Santa Fe, New Mexico under the spiritual guidance of Shaman Jose Stevens. Stevens Ph.D. Stevens is an international lecturer, executive coach, and co-founder of The Power Path where he consults and leads a diverse group of clients to transformational results. Visit his website to learn more about his philosophy using a personality system. Sarah had such a powerful experience in New Mexico that she wanted to make chakra therapy with crystals something she scheduled into her life.

I often make the disclaimer to first time users that they everyone has a unique experience. The intensity and location of certain sensations will vary. Your first time will be personal to you and dependent on which chakras need the most attention. I attempt to share Sarah’s story as a simple guide for those who have thought about making an appointment for their first session of crystal light healing.

Sarah describes being transported to an altered state where her awareness was heightened. She felt deeply relaxed and lost all track of time. Many others report feeling energized, relaxed, moved to emotion, tingling sensations in feet or hands, and a faint sensation of being worked on by spirits. Sarah also reported the sleeping better the weeks following the session. Sarah and other clients have experienced how crystal energy resonates with the water within our human bodies to increase alignment and inner connection.

A Journey to Experience the Unknown

You can also experience the chakra healing power of a John of God Crystal Bed by looking for psychic mediums and spiritual centers in your neighborhood and local areas. I proudly serve the Houston area and others like me have worked very hard to bring such a rare treasure like the John of God Crystal Bed to people all over the world. Also, keep an eye out for special programs where the world renowned John of God leaves Abadiania, Brazil and travels to different cities bringing his healing ministry along. Check out The Omega Institute where in September 2016, John of God will be in Rhinebeck, New York leading an inspirational workshop.

Another way to get into the John of God healing presence is to make the journey to Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. I encourage adventurous spirits with a taste for travel to check out Friends of the Casa where you can join an organized tour leaving out of major cities all over the world. Group trips are organized and supervised by travel guides who follow the standard guidelines for visiting the Casa. It might be a major but worthy investment in taking your spiritual life to the next level.

It makes me happy when my clients like Sarah find the keys to unlocking their personal path to healing. Sarah took a chance and conquered her fears to make the journey into an unknown experience with crystal light healing. I encourage you to research and learn more about the John of God Crystal Bed to really consider how it might help you find a brighter tomorrow.

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