What is a Tarot Reading

What is a Tarot Reading

People enjoy tarot readings for many reasons. Some find it fun while others realize the powerful tool tarot can be in the journey on one’s path. In any case, the tarot has a long history as a divination tool that can be used to provide insights into your life through a tarot reading. Most people look at tarot as fortune telling or something that will simply tell your future. But tarot is much more than that.

Simply put, a tarot reading with an experienced reader has the ability to explore the possibilities of your life. A good reading can not only provide information about where you are at now and where you are heading in life, it can provide information that will allow you to transform your life through making changes that line up with your true goals.

So what is tarot anyway and how does it work?

The tarot is a set of 78 cards, each with its own set of symbols shown through a picture or scene on each card. There are many different Tarot decks available and each reader will use the deck or decks which speak to them best. No matter the deck, the symbols and pictures found on the cards represent universal truths found throughout humanity whether in our daily lives or across the course of our whole lives.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Spread

One of the most recognized Tarot reading spread, the Celtic Cross.

During a tarot reading, these cards are laid out in what is known as a spread. There are a variety of spreads – some offering a general overview while others offer a fine-tuned look at a particular area in someone’s life. By talking with your reader before a reading, you can help to fine tune the type of reading that you desire, be it a general overview or a specialized reading focusing on love, business or any other area of your life.

Once the cards are spread, the reader will interpret the story that each card is sharing with the reader as well as any other insights that are offered to the reader from your guides and angels. The spread or layout also adds to the interpretation of the cards to create a full reading. Experienced readers spend years getting in tune with the cards and the universal energies in order to interpret the messaged contained within.

The tarot, when used by an experienced reader, is a powerful tool that can offer insights and advise about an area of your life or about your life path in general. A tarot reading can help to bring a clear picture of what is going on in your life and offer advice on what steps you can take to achieve your goals and desires.



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