Astrology and You: An Introduction

Astrology and You: An Introduction

For many centuries, people have looked to the planets for help and insight into their lives. Astrology is the study of the heavenly bodies in our solar system and how they affect our lives. By studying the placement and alignment of the different planets, sun and moon, an astrologer can gain useful information into the forces at work in in a person’s life.

Don’t doubt that free will is at work in our lives, but the planetary alignments also affect us. The planets can provide information about our life path and insights into the best choices we might make to achieve our goals. Astrology can even help in choosing the best mate for a deep and lasting relationship!

An Astrology reading done by a professional can go way beyond the horoscope people read in magazines or online. The more common horoscopes, which we have all seen online or in magazines, are looking at a person’s sun sign – the position the sun was in at their birth. A full astrological chart will taking into account the sun, all of the planets and the moon along with their relationships to each other for a unique and individualized reading.

Types of Astrology Charts

A simple astrology chart showing the 12 signs of the zodiac.Our Natal Chart, also called a Birth Chart, shows how the heavenly bodies were arranged at our birth. This chart can provide extraordinary information about who we are and how we can best succeed in our life. A Natal Chart can uncover challenges we face as well as the gifts we were born with for living a successful life. Armed with this information, a person can make decisions for their life that make sense specifically to them.

Astrology can also be helpful in matters of love. Using a Synastry Chart, also known as a relationship chart, an astrologer can match up two people’s charts and evaluate the aspects between them. This can provide many insights into the compatibility of two people. The strengths they both bring to the union, as well as the challenges, can be uncovered. This information can be useful in determining if someone is a good match. It can also be used by a couple to strengthen their relationship by honoring the energies they create as a couple.

Similarly, a reading can be done focusing on business partnerships or family relationships. Any type of relationship can be matched up. This match up can provide useful information as to the strengths and weaknesses the relationship will expose. Knowing this information can allow a person to make the best choices to achieve the goals they have for the relationship.

These are just a few of the reasons people might be interested in and astrology reading. The forces of the planets do shape our lives. We can choose to learn more about how the planets affect us and those around us through astrology. An astrology reading can uncover hidden mysteries about ourselves or loved one, allowing us to make informed choices for the betterment of our own life.


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